About Hoffman

The history of Hoffman Construction Co. can be traced back to 1915 when founder, Peter J. Hoffman & his wife Anna were farming in Jackson County, Wisconsin. "Pete, we're gonna go hungry on this sand farm growing hops!" exclaimed Anna. "You're a great horseman. Let's move to town and start a drayage line." So that's what they did. Pete hauled coal & freight from the Black River Falls railroad depot to homes & businesses while Anna collected the bills each month. Over time the business grew. Pete & Anna were able to add to their stable mule teams from St. Paul, MN at the completion of the western railroad projects.

Naturally, when the need for road construction arose, it was those with the horse & mule teams that did the work. Pete Hoffman, with the help of a partner, went into the road business in the late teens and early twenties. By 1927, Pete was ready to go into business himself and Hoffman Construction Company was incorporated.

Pete was tragically killed in 1927 at the Black River Falls railroad depot by a person referred from an employment agency. His son, Duane Hoffman, returned from college and took over the business.
The business grew under Duane's conservative management, through the Depression, WW II, and into the interstate days. Duane was joined by his two sons, Peter and David Hoffman, as they grew up in the road construction business.

The company grew from $25 million in revenue in 1984 to over $150 million in 2004. Currently Hoffman Construction manages 30-50 major highway and site development projects each year with our fleets of scrapers, dozers, off-road trucks, backhoes, and dump trucks. We leverage our strengths in project management, a late model, well maintained equipment fleet, and skillful Operating Engineers Local #139 & #49 employees and managers to successfully complete our projects. Our company is our people. Hoffman Construction's ability to compete in today's contracting environment can be attributed to the over 400 dedicated employees.